What is Comixology you ask?


Comixology is an online site where you can manage your own weekly pull-list for your comics and collectibles wants and needs right from your own home.


You no longer need to write down and hand in your additions and deletions to your order.


You can do it anywhere, at any time.


Think of something to add at 3 a.m.? Go to your computer, log into comixology and add it.


Decide when you are taking a shower that you no longer want a book? Dry off, walk over to the computer, log in to comixology and delete it from your list.


Out on the road and realize you forgot to add a bunch of new books coming out? Log into comixology from your smartphone and add them.


It's THAT Easy!!


Simply come into the store on your next visit and let us know you want to make a subscription (pull-list).


We will need your name, phone number, e-mail address and at least 1 book that you want to have reserved for you.


We will send you an e-mail that will allow you to create your own comixology account linked to AJ's Comics and then you can manage your list as you desire.


Come back in at least once a month and your books are saved for you.


ALL subscribers receive 10% off of their order, every time!


Subscribe to over $300 a month in comic titles and receive 20 Off!!